19 January 2013

Tutorial: Converting a pack n play into a play tent

 I recently pinned a great little project on pinterest to turn a pack n play into a reading tent.  This week my dog decided to make this a top priority project when he chewed a hole through the mesh siding of the pack n play.  I was slightly disappointed to see that the pin lead no where.  Oh well. So, I figured I'd do a quick tutorial for anyone who wants it. Mine is not nearly as pretty and color coordinated as the pinned picture, but I was not about to spend money so things matched.

Gather your supplies:
An old pack n play with a mobile bar (changing table optional)
A pair of scissors
A fitted crib sheet

I cut the mesh siding out of one side of the pack n play. Making sure not to cut any of the supportive fabric (the green on mine).  Then I put on the mobile bar.  And since mine came with a "changing table" piece, I figured I'd put that in too so my daughter could have some place to store her things when she's done reading and wants to cuddle up for a bit.
 Then place to fitted sheet over the four corners and the mobile bar. You're done.  Easy peasy!  Took all of 5 minutes with my 4 year old helping.

A few notes about this project.
1. The mesh is a surprisingly supportive piece of fabric for the pack n play.  There is little support under the open side now.  With 2 kids climbing in and out, I'm not so sure how long it will hold up.  I'll try to update this in a few months and let you all know.
2. My 2 year old thinks this is his personal jungle gym now.  The changing table piece is not safe for any little climbing monkeys you may have in your house.  He also loves to hang from the top rail of the open side and swing.  It's not a problem when he does it, but when my 4 year old joins in, it does tip over.
3. If you're kids don't like this, it would make a great slightly raised dog bed!


Amy said...

I was so dissapointed when the pin led to nowhere & searched all over until I finally found a 'real' pic! : ) Mine is too old to try & sell (though, nothing's wrong w/it) & I just hate to throw such a useful product out. Thanks so much for this!

La Femme said...

Awesome!! Definitely doing this!!

Lucy S said...

So cool! How has it held up?

Julianne said...

It held up well for about 2 months. Then the bottom piece started ripping apart. My youngest is a real monkey though so I'm surprised it lasted that long!

Vicki Valenta said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I had the same experience with the pin. I have one of the older, larger pack-n-plays too. The support under the pad in mine broke a while back, so I had my husband cut a piece of plywood to go under the pad. I can't wait to try this. Mine doesn't have the bar across the top so I'm going to try to figure out something to support the top.

Anonymous said...

check local thrift stores you may find a mobile bar that got seperated from its pack n play

Anonymous said...

my friend made a mobile bar to hold it up a little out of a tiny pool noodle cut to size needed and a wire coat hanger inside to mold to shape wanted.

Anonymous said...

How do you make the bar stay up? I put the sheet over it but it keeps collapsing :(

Khuyen Nguyen said...

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